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Latest update: June 26, 2022

Doctor Spin - Jerry Silfwer - Public Relations
Your PR Instructor
17 years of experience, Cision's PR Award in 2016, BA in Strategic Communications, BA in Linguistics

The Course

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Are You Ready To Take Your PR Career to the Next Level?

Have you ever dreamt of coming up with profound and powerful PR strategies that will reach thousands—or even millions? Do you wish to be the type of PR professional that can come up with strategies that will change both minds and behaviours?

If so, this online PR course is created for you:

  • Learn and practice 18 advanced and IRL-tested PR strategies
  • Use the strategies to build awareness, recognition, and reputation
  • Advance your PR career by developing a sharper strategic mind


The Playmaker

In The Playmaker online PR course, your instructor Jerry Silfwer (aka Doctor Spin) will share with you his 18 most advanced and powerful strategies—collected and refined from 18 years of hands-on experience in the PR industry.

From New York to Stockholm, Jerry has worked with hundreds of local and international brands spanning over almost all major industries. With an even split between B2C and B2B, he's designed PR strategies for small startups all the way up to multinational conglomerates.

Based on real-life experience, behavioral psychology, and Jerry's digital first-mindset, you won't find the strategies described in The Playmaker anywhere else.

This Course Will Give You A Toolbox of Powerful PR Strategies

As a PR professional, you're supposed to know how to come up with dazzling and innovative strategies. The word "strategy" gets thrown around left and right, but few practitioners have ever been thaught how to actually come up with an actual strategy.

We learn by doing. And that's okay.

This is why many PR practitioners use only a small number of strategies; they stick to using the same paper-thin playbook over and over again. I know PR professionals who have made their careers by becoming experts on using just one specific strategy. That's okay.

At universities teaching PR to students, there's endless talk about the importance of strategies, but few how-to's are given. Many teachers lack practical experience of developing PR strategies that work in real life. Instead, they focus on the academic aspects of our profession.

And that's okay, too.

But you shouldn't have to settle with "okay."

I've been fortunate to work with some of the best minds in our industry. And I took notes, rigorously. I made sure to work with hundreds of different types of brands with different types of PR challenges and I carefully logged what worked—and what didn't.

Today, I've been taking notes about PR strategies for 22 years (I started studying PR at the university in 2000). And I've been implementing PR strategies professionally for 18 years.

As your instructor, I want to share with you my 18 favourite strategies from my career in the PR industry. Many of these strategies have literally helped me produce magnificent results in tight spots and under immense pressure to deliver.

Here's what you can expect when you join:

  • Learn and practice 18 advanced and IRL-tested PR strategies
  • Use the strategies to build awareness, recognition, and reputation
  • Advance your PR career by developing a sharper strategic mind

What Makes THE PLAYMAKER Different From All Other PR Courses?

First of all, there aren't many PR courses out there to begin with. Those that exists mostly cover—if you're lucky!— the basics.

Secondly, I've made sure that most of the PR strategies in The Playmaker are digital first.

While I've picked up some amazing strategies from senior PR experts, most of them are inspired by the best strategies from nearby fields such as SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing, growth hacking, email marketing etc.

The reason is simple: No-one could've succeeded in PR in the last 18 years without having succuess via digital channels.

I've also nurtured a long-standing fascination for behavioural psychology. In fact, my absolute favourite PR strategies are inspired by established and well-researched psychological phenomenons.

Now let me walk you through, in detail, everything I’ll cover inside this training program:

Week 1


To be updated.

Who Is This Course For?

The Playmaker course is designed for communication professionals, PR consultants, all types of marketers, and entrepreneurs—or anyone looking to enter these fields.

(Please note: The Playmaker isn't a course about PR basics. If you're looking to learn how to write a press release or how to pitch a journalist, I'll be launching a basic skills course in 2023.)

Each New Week Comes with Lots of Valuable Bonus Material for You To Use

To be updated.

About the Course

In 2016, I was asked to give a TEDx talk about PR. I often teach university PR students, so I quickly put together a 18-minute talk about one of my favourite strategies, Stupid Majorities (which is included as one of the strategies in this course).

To my great surprise, especially since the talk was put together on my way to the venue, the TEDx talk got great feedback and still to this day people DM me with appreciative feedback.

So, my thinking was this: if there's an interest for one of these strategies, wouldn't it be a great "package deal" if I bundled this strategy together with 17 equally powerful ones? According to students enrolled in this this course so far, it's proven it's value many times over.

About Jerry Silfwer

At this point, perhaps I should promise you that these strategies will launch your career into the PR stratosphere. Or that these strategies will turn you into the quintessential spin doctor of our generation. I'll leave the sleaziness for other online mareters, I think.

My PR style is that I prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. I'd much rather have fewer but greater students enroll in this course, anyway. However, I'll promise you this: you will get nothing less than the best of what I've learnt during the last two decades of taking on actual PR assignments.

Here are some clients who have retained my services over the years:

Groupon, Adobe, Saab, H&M, Oracle, Spotify, HTC, Oriflame, Procter & Gamble, Q-Med, Michael Kors, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, TeliaSonera, TetraPak, Kenneth Cole, Husqvarna, Thompson Hotels, Lanvin, Cygate, Eaton, Efva Attling, EMC Information Systems, Eton Shirts, Gant, Internetstiftelsen, Nobis Hospitality Group, Pandox, PostNord, Scandic Hotels, SVT, Triwa, Visit Denmark, Visit Sweden, Whispr Group etc.

You will get access to all masterclasses immediately. The 6-week schedule is the recommended study schedule for those who will do the assignments and aim for the optional certificate.



The Playmaker

$ 349
  • 6-Week PR Course
  • 18 PR Masterclasses
  • 18 Workbooks
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Optional: PR Certification
  • Chat Room with Students & Alumni
  • Secret Direct Email to Instructor
  • All Future Updates Included
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Where will your money go? Your payment will fund further efforts of becoming an full-time creator of online PR learning material. So, rest assured that your support will contribute to making even more online PR content available!


  • Introduction
  • My Taxi Story
  • 1-Page Strategy

Week 1

  • Promise Filter
  • Stupid Majority
  • Surround Strategy

Week 2

  • Content Themes
  • Revolving Doors
  • Survey Drip

Week 3

  • Honeymoon Outreach
  • Iceberg Publishing
  • Viral Loops

Week 4

  • Backend Activism
  • OPA Piggybacking
  • Semantic Anchoring

Week 5

  • Go Big or Go Home
  • Inbound First
  • Thought Leadership

Week 6

  • Content Streams
  • Conflict Seeker
  • Dream Enabler

Bonus Material